Conditionally Specifying a MailChimp List

Conditionally Specifying a MailChimp List

Conditionally Specifying a MailChimp destination list

If you want to send the field values of your form to a different MailChimp list depending in user input, in this case ‘Choose your service’, you can generate a similar form as below:

Fill the form below so you can receive a copy of what the info being sent with this form:

Choose your service:


See below how we generate this form, using a [select] tag with 3 options (3 different MailChimp lists)

  1. Plumbing -> List ID: 0e9135ac9d
  2. Roofing -> List ID: f97db830ab
  3. Landscaping -> List ID: edac89dcac


Below you can see how we fill the MailChimp List ID field with the mail tag [your-list], instead of hardcoding an specific MailChimp list ID:


That is it!, as easy and simple as that. Test with a very basic form, so you can learn how to map your form field values the way you require them. Once you have a handle of this, you can generate forms that are more complex.



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